Sunday, October 30, 2022

The advantages and confrontations to go through during behavioral health treatments.

Behavioral health is not something unknown during the last few decades though the meaning of it has got modifications. It should not be mistakenly understood as mental health since the former vastly differs from the latter one.

Mental health, as the name suggests refers to the mental condition or psychology of an individual whereas behavioral health relates with a person’s behavior, lifestyle, eating and sleeping habits, etc. In case a person suffers from mental health it may be comorbid with attitude based health problems as well as certain physical issues. Thus, as study suggests 60 to 70 percent health problems persists along with attitude based health problems. So, it is immensely important to have treatments for behavioral health problems to cure any disease completely.

It has been found from research that nearly 45 million of population suffers from mental health issues and around 40% of them can afford treatments.

People do not opt for treatment regarding mental health issues due to a lot of reasons. Many feel ashamed of what others will think whereas for some, it is a financial problem since diagnosis and treatment is cost effective while others are reluctant to travel distances due to unavailability of health centers nearby.

Behavioral health treatments

Behavioral health treatment procedures not only deals with mental health related issues but also delivers a number of other services too. Such services are:

Psychology related issues

Psychiatric problems

Counselling for mental health

Family and marriage counseling

Some problems related to depression including coping up and recovery

Management of chronic ailments etc

Substance abuse and its prevention

What is actually behavioral health?

As the name suggests, behavioral health relates to the good and bad, regular habits of a person that affect mental as well as physical health straight away. It includes eating habits, exercises, sleeping time and duration and all those that are important to maintaining a sound mental and physical health. These are important since bad habits have a negative impact on health and eventually leads to mental and physical ill health.

Depending on people’s lifestyle, certain behavioral disorders are given below:

Residing in unhygienic environments

Ill-eating habits

Social isolation

Sleeping disorders and sleeplessness

Substance abuse such as taking of alcohol, drugs etc

Bad addictive habits including gambling, sex, excess shopping, spending money unnecessarily etc.

Obstacles in the path of seeking behavioral health treatments: 

 Many people do not proceed towards treatment since they are reluctant to accept that they have a mental health issue. I don’t think that it is a temporary state of mind which need not require attention and hence it cannot be termed as a problem according to them. Thus, why they do not proceed towards treatment as a lot and variety of reasons behind it. 

A handful of reasons are listed below:

Feeling of shame and embarrassment 

Insecurity of society opinions

Being unable to observe own ill health symptoms

No support and trust

Hopeless and lonely feeling 

Advantages of getting treatment:

Behavioral health abnormalities are numerously varied and needs proper medical attention, although it is tough to satisfy parents anxiety to get ready for treatment. 

Here are the benefits of getting ready for treatment:

Uproots mental ill health from initiation

Provides better quality of life

Management of good professional and personal relationships

Cuts of complication risks for addiction affected patients

Enhances productivity

Helps coping up with mental issues 

Numerous treatment types available 

Treatment procedure may involve a number of therapies of which the most vital being some group therapies. Sam group meetings, encouragement, motivation and supports are like therapies that enhances a person's mental health. It helps the patient feel their importance and achieve their desired goals. Group therapy facilitates people by providing interaction with others having familiar problems too. Discussing with others having similar issues helps to cope patients with their loneliness also. 

Thus, it supports them morally too and facilitates them to take continuous treatments in order to get cured. Again, certain program treatments needs proper guidance or professionals following certain protocols such as:- 

Psychologists: They expertise in psychological consultation as well as counseling. First, they diagnose the underlying problem and then provide the patient some psychotherapies according to their needs. 

Psychiatrists: They are physicians who deals with numerous health related issues of which most are mental. They focus on aspects like adolescence, depression, childhood struggles or addiction issues. They also provide therapies and treatments related to behavioral health problems and similar situations.

Social workers and organizations :  

They may be certain NGO’s or government aided organizations who work together to promote mental health of children. They also address other mental health related issues, substance abuse or addiction of children who are relatively less privileged in society, especially those who can't afford treatment being economically backwards.

Licensed professional health experts and counselors: Such councillors have expertise in providing treatment with psychotherapy to people suffering from mental ailments. Such professionals put stress on substance abuse, family problems, troubles in relationships, depression related issues etc.

Fixed treatment centers : 

Here medical assistance is provided to patients on a 24 by 7 basis. Here the person undergoes a treatment procedure following certain protocols to get benefited according to own health concern and time through which he or she has been suffering from the problem. These are actually treatment centers with a controlled environment that facilitates treatment to eliminate the issue and provides good scope for improvement thereby.